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B's boyfriend threatened to call the cops upon seeing her scars
am I surprised? 
those probably looked seriously fucked up. I wouldn't know. I've never seen them healed.
am I though?
probably yes.
you don't do shit like that and say that you had an accident just a few months later because the greatest love of your life cannot accept you for what you actually are
those people?
please, they're kids playing with their toys
I have a couple of those on my own, wouldn't have anyone to call the cops on though, it's hard to press charges on yourself. (probably?)

that was an end of an era
all those years later I can finally say I'm glad it was

I feel like the markings were just appropriate for what they came to symbolize

do I need new ones?

do I regret existing ones?
those on them, no. I'm oddly proud of that.

those on me? no. I did for a while though.

those aren't and never were the markings of violence 
nor of sadness
nor of frustration or despair

I wish

were you scared?
of course not.
that's why.

I wish I could feel this way around someone that isn't me someday

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